Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Feng Shui 2: President Evil Thus Far

This is a loose run down of what's been happening in the last 4 session of my Feng Shui 2 game.

The PC's have:
Sold organs on the black market to George Washington
Stolen the Liberty Bell
Found a cave outside Raccoon City with strange Chi
Exorcised a Wendigo
Fought Washington, JFK, & Lincoln at a Police Station
Found a secret base filled with sleeping cyberapes and DID NOT fight them
Were attacked by the Spy's more evil version from another juncture (the more evil version has a goatee, naturally)
Had to escape from Resident Evil style zombies
Fired a Golden Gun that caused an EMP and downed the getaway chopper of the Goatee'd Spy
Found Fu Manchu and Frankenstein's Monster in suspended animation in the remains of the chopper
Caused a Riot
Removed a Demonic Engin from the Full Metal Nutjob's truck and replaced it with the chopper's engine and fitted it with a rotor blade
Were hired by the Shop (ala Steven King) to clean up the secret base filled with zombies and cyberapes, and were paid "triple stupid" wages
Were attacked by SMERSH from orbit
The Thief killed Jonathan and Bruce Wayne in Crime Alley (I'm so glad I can adjust temporal activity to account for Batwoman's training...and montages!)

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