Saturday, October 4, 2014

Back This: Chill 3rd Edition from Growling Door Games

The first horror RPG I ever owned and ran was Mayfair Game's Chill (2nd Edition).  If I knew about Call of Cthulhu I don't remember it.

I really dug the game and as a newbie DM running the introductory adventure had no scares and a player figured out the set up in under five minutes.

I don't think we ever played it again.  We might have made characters.

But I still have fond memories of that game.  Part of if was the layout and graphic design of the books...I was reading it while a Graphic Design major in college.  And part of it was the cool ads, anybody remember the one about Lizzie Borden?  The killer is still among the Unknown.

SAVE was a cool concept too.

Well Growling Door Games is almost done with the first draft of the 3rd edition (more Mayfair than Pacesetter).  And they have a Kickstarter!

I backed it at the $1 level to get the playtest and am upping my pledge.  The Playtest is 40 pages and very well presented.

You should check it out.

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