Tuesday, February 8, 2022

World of Darkness: Black Spiral Dancer for the Cypher System, Stay Alive!, and Numenera


Motive: Destroy Gaia so the Wyrm can start the next world
Environment: Sites tainted by toxic waste or blasphemous rites
Health: 18
Damage Inflicted: 5 points
Armor: 3
Movement: Short
Modifications: Initiative 5, Intellect Defense 5, Melee 5, Might Defense 6
Combat: They are savage and unfettered warriors in combat and quick to enter battle. If a Dancer has taken damage roll a d6 at the beginning of their turn and on a 6 they heal 1d6 Health. They may also hurl balefire at a target within Short range.
Interactions: A Black Spiral Dancer has been corrupted by the Wyrm, a being seeking to shed the husk of this dead world and ushering in the next one, since they were a pup and they descend deeper into its service as they age. As the world is dead there is no limitation on their behavior or actions since it is all meaningless in the end.

"The way they see it, the Wyrm has won. This world is utterly corrupt and decaying and they are trapped inside the rotting corpse of Gaia. They have as bleak future as everyone else and nothing they construct or nurture will survive in the long run.

They are the winners, though. They fought and won against the blind Garou nation. They triumphed against the lies, puritanism, denial and naiveté of their siblings who simply cannot admit that the world they defended was corrupt, malignant and twisted.

The Wyrm is the great ender of worlds. When the time comes it cleanses the old in order to open space for the new. The Wyrm has never been corrupt, mad or anything like that. It is simply doing its job and, as always, those being cleansed fight against it. The Wyrm is also amoral, it uses all weaknesses of those it attacks in its mission. The corruption and horror we see manifested in the Wyrm's minions are nothing but reflections of the flaws of gaia and her children. The Wyrm didn't create those, it just uses them to its purpose.

The dreadful truth about the Black Spiral is that in its very center there is a glimpse of what is to come. There is purity, peace, hope and redemption in the very center of the labyrinth. The secret of the Wyrm is the promise it makes to all its children that they will be reborn in the world to come. That the Wyrm itself has known a thousand worlds and it both loves and cares for all the souls it has been shepherding from one cycle to the next.

To live in a doomed world is the ultimate freedom. Nothing is sacred, all vices are allowed. Everything is temporary and illusory. "

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