Saturday, November 3, 2018

Vigilante City: King Savage

As a Backer of Bloat Games' Vigilante City Kickstarter, I have access to an artless version of the Player's Book. It's great. For me its like having a wonderful combination of Heroes Unlimited, The Vigilante Hack, and Labyrinth Lord. I cannot recommend it enough when it become available and you can Preorder it here.

I like to work up characters and VC allows you to play Antrhopomorphics, y'know Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

My character is a humanoid T-Rex. Yes. I rolled that randomly. He can pass for human with a hat and overcoat, but he's HUMANOID T-REX.

King Savage Level 1 Antrhopomorphic Megahuman

(Ability Checks are rolled under the Ability Score)
STR 13 (+1)
DEX 13 (+1)
CON 16 (+2)
INT 10 (+0)
WIS 9 (+0)
CHA 12 (+0)
SUR 12 (+0)

HP 12
AC 16 (Dodge 18)
Initiative +1

(Saves are rolled under the Saving Throws)
Courage 17
Critical 16
Death 13
Magic 15  
Mental 12
Poison 12

Vigilante Points 0

(Skill checks are a roll high system where you equal or exceed a DC set by the GM)
Mathematics +2
Mechanics +2
Street Smart +3
Combat Training Rank 1
Fighting Martial Arts +1
Stealth +2

Bite/Headbutt 1d6 damage (can hold things in mouth)
Smaller Arms -2 to Melee Attacks
Toughness +2
Charge Move +5
Daggers 1d6-1 damage
Shuriken d4 damage

Arthur King was an engineering student who was visiting his girlfriend, Laverne, who was co-oping at the Hudson City History Museum. She was working on cleaning up and cataloguing a shipment from a dig in Iran. Her supervisor called her away and Art thought he saw a statue of a dragon wink at him. He bent to study it and it exploded in his face.
   The next thing he knew he woke up in his apartment with a dozen text messages from Laverne. He felt awful and his arms and back were killing him. He looked in the mirror and realized with horror that he looked like a dinosaur...a T-Rex actually.
   Art kind lost it for awhile and ended up living on the street. His family and Laverne think he had a breakdown and are looking for him.
   Art quickly learned that the street wasn't safe, but that his new form offered him some protection. He's taken to protecting the homeless community under the bridge near Swafford and Gateway. They know him as King Savage.

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