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Sunless Citadel: The Gods [UPDATED]

For my Sunless Citadel campaign, I wanted to depart from the Forgotten Realms where I've been running for the last 4 years. I have no problem with the Realms and actually like much of it's flavor, but I've run a full campaign to Level 20 there and I'm currently running the "apprentices" to a different group of Level 20 characters that is based there.

I thought about Greyhawk, which I love, and if memory serves DnD 3.X used it as it's default, which the Sunless Citadel was designed for. But, I'm a bit rusty on Oerth and didn't want to get sidetracked with research.

So I settled on using elements of DnD 4E's Nentir Vale. I always liked the bits of it that I read about under 4E, even the Points of Light narrative. I'm not sure exactly how tied I am to the Vale, but I definitely decided to use it's Deities.

Tribality was kind enough to work out each the Vale God's Domains, which I'm reposting here (thank you, Shawn Ellsworth for doing the heavy lifting). One of the characters in my campaign, Lothar, is a Cleric of the Raven Queen. Additionally, a cleric of Pelor maintains a Shrine and a Holy Site and a cleric of Erathis is an advisor to the Mayor.

Good and Neutral Deities
Avandra (CG)
Goddess of change, luck, trade, travel

   Domain Trickery 
   Symbol Three stacked wavy lines

Bahamut (LG)
Dragon god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor  
   Domain Life, War 
   Symbol Dragon’s head in profile

Corellon (
God of arcane magic, spring, beauty and the arts revered primarily by elves  
   Domain Light 
   Symbol Starburst

Erathis (
Goddess of civilization and invention  
   Domain Knowledge 
   Symbol Upper half of a clockwork gear

Ioun (N)
Goddess of knowledge, skill, and prophecy revered primarily by scholars, magic-users 
   Domain Knowledge 
   Symbol Crook shaped like a stylized eye

Kord (
God of the storm, strength and battle revered by warriors  
   Domain Tempest 
   Symbol Sword with a lightning bolt cross guard

Melora (
Goddess of the wilderness and the sea 
   Domain Nature, Tempest 
   Symbol Seashell with a wavelike swirl

Moradin (
God of creation, artisans, family, revered primarily by dwarves   
   Domain Knowledge, War 
   Symbol Anvil

Pelor (
God of the sun, summer, agriculture and time 
   Domain Life, Light 
   Symbol Circle with six outwardly radiating points

Sehanine (
Goddess of trickery, love, moon and autumn revered by elves   
   Domain Trickery 
   Symbol Crescent moon

The Raven Queen (LN)
Goddess of death, fate, winter
   Domain Death, Life 
   Symbol Raven’s head in profile

Evil Deities

Asmodeus (LE)
King of the Nine Hells and god of power, domination and tyranny    
   Domain Trickery 
   Symbol Three triangles in tight formation

Bane (LE)
God of war and conquest 
   Domain War 
   Symbol Claw with three talons pointing down

Gruumsh (CE)
God of destruction revered by orcs
   Domain Tempest, War 
   Symbol Unblinking triangular eye with bony protrusions

Lolth (CE)
Goddess of shadows, lies, and spiders revered by the drow
   Domain Trickery 
   Symbol Eight-pointed star with a web motif; spider

Tharizdun (CE)
Creator of the Abyss and god of annihilation and madness
   Domain Trickery 
   Symbol Spiral

Ashardalon (LE)*
Dragon god of wealth, greed, and vengeance 
   Domain Trickery, War 
   Symbol Two red, fiery eyes

Torog (NE)
God of the Underdark and imprisonment 
   Domain Death 
   Symbol "T" attached to a circular shackle

Vecna (NE)
God of undead, necromancy, and secrets 
   Domain Death, Knowledge 
   Symbol Partially shattered one-eyed skull

Xardoz (LE)
God of vampires
   Domain Death, Grave
   Symbol Wolf with bat wings

Zehir (CE)
God of darkness, poison, and assassins
   Domain Death, Trickery
   Symbol Snake in the shape of a dagger

* In a previous campaign a conspiracy of Chromatic Dragons, tired of Tiamat's failures, murdered her in the Abyss as part of a ritual to resurrect her brother, Vorel -- the Tarrasque. After Vorel's destruction, Ashardalon boldly grabbed her domain and portfolio.

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