Wednesday, June 29, 2016

On Being a Game Master: Endgame

I've been lucky for the last few years of having some stable, fun and relaxing gaming groups. My monday group, in particular has been great and we have finished a short Feng Shui 2E game, a Shadows of the Demon Lord playtest game, and after about 18 months we are close to finishing my DnD 5E game (I've never ran a DnD game from level 1 to 20 before). 

The characters just hit level 18 and are seeking the Grace of Mystra to gain a Wish spell to destroy the Tarrasque (in this case, Tarrasque is Draconic for Vorel, the dead brother of Tiamat and Bahumut). They have won Mystra's favor after rescuing Elminster from Avernus (though due it was the actions of a former member of the party that sent him there).

It's really cool seeing the players enjoy their high level abilities and I've spent about the last nine levels weaving in opponents who are essentially all the creatures I have ever wanted to use in a DnD campaign.

I'm guessing we will be done by August, at least I'll stop when they hit level 20 for a break from DnD 5E (I've basically been running and playing it for over three years now, though I'm running Princes of Apocalypse on Fridays).

It's very refreshing to finish games and I hope to continue the trend.

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