Tuesday, June 28, 2016

D-Bees of Savage Rifts: True Atlanteans

Ancient masters of Rifts Earth, they left it, scattering out into the Megaverse, only to find their home has been invaded by dimensional entities and nearly destroyed. Now they plot to save their world while being stalked by the an unknown enemy.

True Atlantean

• Brave and True: True Atlanteans begin with one Major Hindrance of their choice.
• Leyline Sense: True Atlanteans begin with the Ley Line Walker ability from the Savage Rifts Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide. She may also take the Ley Line Phasing Edge at Veteran Rank or higher.
• Marks of Heritage: True Atlanteans are given two tattoos at the age of six. The first, a bloodless heart with a stake through it, causes vampires to have a -2 to attack rolls against her. The second, a flaming sword, allows her to summon a silver longsword as an action.
• Racial Enemy: The Sunaj will hunt and attempt to destroy any True Atlantean they come across.
• Sense Vampire: True Atlanteans can sense the presence of a vampire within 1000 feet of her, but does not know how many or where the are.
• Stunning: True Atlanteans begin with a +2 to Charisma.

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