Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Old World: Cold One of the Lizard Men for 13th Age

The Cold Ones are foul-tempered and dim-witted reptilian creatures. They emerge from subterranean lairs to prowl in packs throughout Lustria. They are hunched bipedal beasts with muscular legs, but when Cold Ones move at speed, they often use their forelimbs for balance and to achieve a more rapid pace. These shortened arms come into their own, however, at the conclusion of a hunt. When assaulting, Cold Ones lead with their scythe-like claws, attempting first to disembowel their quarry. If it spots an undefended limb or underbelly, Cold Ones dart out their elongated necks in a snake-like strike. With a horrific snapping of powerful jaws, 


6th level wrecker [REPTILE] 
Initiative: +5

Disembowel +11 vs. AC - 20 damage
        Natural 16+: 10 additional damage

Powerful Jaws +11 vs. PD  - 25 damage

        Natural Even Roll: Target is grabbed.

Nastier Specials
Lightning Quick +11 vs. AC - 21 damage
        Natural 16+: Target is stunned.
Pack Hunters: When the escalation die is 3, 1d3 additional cold
        ones arrive.

AC 22

PD  20               HP 90

MD 16

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