Wednesday, January 6, 2016

AZ After Zombies: Kyle York

I'm currently reading a great new game, AZ After Zombies by the awesome Charles Rice (Modern20, OSRIC Unearthed, Old School Psionics, etc).

As I'm working up a review for the game, I decided to make a character.  I'm really intrigued by this system and I made a character in less than twenty minutes.  Expect my review soon!

Kyle York

Level 1

Background Military


Combat Ability 66

Health 50

Insight 34

Intellect 48

Leadership 25

Luck 45

Quickness 38

Strength 31


Hit Points 99 

Mental Toughness 59

Action Points 3

Endurance 31

Unity 13

Karma 40

Repair 48 

Rifle 66

Tough +20 Hit Points

Leather Jacket Protection +5 (55); Armor 2

AR-15 Recoil -10; Damage 3d10+6

Wood Baton Damage 2d10; Knockdown 8+; Accuracy +10;
                      Durability 95+ 

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