Saturday, December 13, 2014

While I was Sleeping...

Apparently something called #gamergate occurred.  Apparently it caused quite the fuss.  Apparently someone made a card game about it and it got banned from  Supposedly, Evil Hat threatened to pull their products.

Wow.  I work in a comics and games store and this whole thing is crazy to me.  I'm really glad that half my staff is female, that we welcome everyone in the store and we don't have to deal with and wouldn't tolerate any form of harassment.  I'm also glad, that I'm learned to live "without drama" and wish more people would.

As an aside, I used to thrive on drama and spent nearly two decades, generally in some form of conflict over gaming.  I finally realized I was, at minimum, 50% of any conflict I was in and adopted the "No Drama" mantra.  Things came full circle when a player who was ready to take a break, but didn't no how to articulate it, started trying to cause drama and I pulled him aside and told him take some time off.  Done, no hard feelings, no anger, just take some time.  Good for everyone.  Life is to short to do something you don't enjoy.  It was nice to avoid conflict.

Now, back to this "issue".  If feels they need to pull a title, that's there decision (I wouldn't have bought either way).  But if Evil Hat really used their "weight" to pressure OBS, that sucks.  Now, I won't lie I'm no fan of Evil Hat.  I was foolish enough to waste years waiting for FATE and then stared at this game engine that is supposed to be lean and story based, but has the complexity of Shadowrun.  That provides rules for things we've all done in games for years, without said rules.

Sadly, I should've just played Hero Wars/HeroQuest.

I was stupid enough to wait way too long first for Spirit of the Century and then the Dresden Files.  Along the way, let's just say I realized I don't see eye to eye with the creators.  They rub me the wrong way.  If this latest action is true, well let's just say that I'll simply make their products special order only in my stores.  Not that thats a big deal, because I can't give FATE products away.  But thats just my store.

Honestly, I hope this thing goes away.  I hope everyone involved grows up and learn to live a less dramatic life.  I hope the game makers remember that we only expect them to make games.  And I hope the game players, realize that playing games should be a pass time and fun.
I'd like to say that I'll pick up the Gamer Gate Card game to support the publisher, but I'd never play it.  And thats what game are for.  But, I hope they sell some copies.

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