Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hard Times in Jarlsburg: Hellfire Rages through Coppertown

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The infamous Montauk House caught fire and collapsed this evening just prior to midnight, several people are confirmed dead!!!!

The Montauk House has been the home of the prestigious Caliban Club, whose members count amongst the rich and powerful from all over the continent, for the last 66 years.  It has been confirmed by a seargent of the Watch that at least two members lost their lives in the blaze.

Montauk House prior to the devastation.

Witnesses report that nearly half a dozen members of the Watch, mostly Ironcloaks, were seen moving cautiously into the Club before it caught fire and strange tremors brought the whole structure down and caused minor damage to the surrounding block.

One witness, Pervy McClintock of Paulson Avenue claims to have seen a battle between an Ironclad and a "wicked black figure who moved along the outside of der house like a spider or rat or spider-rat!"

Thus far the only comment from the Watch has been that "an investigation is ongoing".

Just after the collapse one of the Caliban Clubs Black Carriages was seen retrieving a man from the site, the man had been surrounded by Ironcloaks before his departure.

Over a dozen witness claimed to have smelled foul odors emanating from the Club and heard battle prior to its destruction.  Several of them compared the smell to brimstone.

The Caliban Club was founded 107 years ago by Sebastian and Nicollette Halifax, as a private club whose membership is closely guarded secret.  The club had been based in Thronehold until unproven allocations of diabolism made the Inner Circle, the Club's leadership, decide to relocate to the Montauk House.

The Montauk House was the site of the mass murder of the Bischoff family, seventeen family members and thirteen servants, on the Feast of Narwhal 86 years ago.  While Willem Doobwah, the only survivor of the massacre, was found guilty of the crime and hung, many at the time doubted his guilt.

More as this story develops.

Gershwin Verge,  Elder Beat Reporter
Early Morning Edition on the 4th Day of Deck in the Second Hundred and Twenty First Year of Thronehold.

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