Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jarlsburg: Earthquakes and Lightnin'

We made characters for the next chapter of Jarlsburg monday night.  I have a Goblin Rogue, a Warforged Fighter, a second Warforged Fighter and a Tiefling Wizard.  Well not really, because I'm not running DnD, but since I'm playtesting a rules set, I'll keep the specifics quiet.

The set up will have to do with the prophecies of an insane young woman, named Mina Blake.

High Inquisitor Lot has seen enough of her ravings proving true in the past few weeks, that he takes heed of her predictions showing the destruction of a local landmark and assembles the team she's named in her vision.

While he will try to stop the vision, he will call together the people she shows him drawings penned in her own blood.

The people in her terrible drawings are, of course, the players.

It will lead them into a confrontation with the owner's of the property destroyed, the Caliban Club (think the hell-fire clubs of 19th century).

It will start with a dark and stormy night and only get worse from there...

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