Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What I played in 2014

This year has been dominated by DnD 5th Edition.  Wether it was starting the year playtesting and showing it off to my customers or playing it as part of DnD Encounters it dominated my gaming time.

Currently I'm in a sweet game by Ben B. that saw us complete the Phandelver adventure in the Starter set and sees us about to move farther north along the Sword Caost.

I've also both DM'd and played Hoard of the Dragon Queen and have a cool elf named Quarion.

I've dabbled with a wee bit of Dragon Age, Numenera, and Feng Shui 2, but find myself coming back to fantasy.

I've closed out the year playtesting the wonderfully dark and nasty Shadow of the Demon Lord by Robert J. Schwalb.

In years past, I've written about running 2 or even 3 regular games, but right now, 1 is enough and I'm enjoying playing.

And, yes, I still get butterflies every time I run.

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