Monday, September 29, 2014

Feng Shui 2: The Executive Order

One minute, we were all sitting around the card table in the back room of the Noodle Bucket, smoking cigars and laughing about Bruce Liebeowtiz's latest adventure in dating and the next minute Banana Boat is laying dead on the table, his ape brains mixing in with the money from the pot.
Monique and Unique get hit before I can even think and then Bruce falls on top of me, while trying to somersault to cover.  He's been shot in the throat and he can catch bullets.  Bullets!.

Finally, I catch movement from the back door and I can't believe I'm saying this but George Washington, my country's first president moves toward me through the haze of cordite.  He's wearing black ray bans, a black suit with a white shirt and a bolo tie...with the Presidential Seal on it.

"I guess my ticket's gonna get punched....Mr. President?"

He stares me down, that crazy grin from the dollar bill on his face.  He levels the pistol with it's fat silencer on the end, "I cannot tell a lie..."

The Order burst upon the Chi War two years ago, with a coordinated strike of three Feng Shui Sites in Los Angeles, Laos, and Sydney.  The didn't seem to be any real connection as each Site belonged to a different faction.  But it did announce their entry into the War.

Currently, they sell their services out to the highest bidder for only one reason:  burning down sites.  They have take several lucrative missions for the Ascended and Simians and even, according to rumors, whatever remains of the Architects of the Flesh.

Its unclear if they are from a pop-up juncture, clones, life model decoys, or refugees...or if they'd merely been hiding in the shadows all of this time.

Each agent appears to be a "deceased" President of the United States.

Confirmed agent sightings include:

Jake - Geore Washington
Fitz - John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Bane - Lyndon Baines Johnson
Ruby - Rutherford B. Hayes
Bluegrass - Abraham Lincoln
Shorty - Martin Van Buren

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