Monday, September 29, 2014

Primeval Thule: Occult Scientist for D&D 5th Edition

Backgrounds here are bases on the Narratives in Primeval Thule, so they will gain abilities as a character levels.  They are only intended for use in the Primeval Thule setting and are not designed to be mixed with standard Backgrounds.

Also, some of the abilities require the expenditure of a resource, for this reason and for how dangerous the setting is, each character gains the Lucky Feat for free and may take the Lucky Feat one additional time.

Occult Scientist 

Areas of Proficiency (1st level): You are proficient in Arcana, History, and Religion

Langauges (1st level): Two of your choice.

Tools (1st level): Alchemist's kit and one other of your choice.

Metamagic Action  (Level 1):  You can use a Luck point when you cast a spell (or use a spell-like power from a magic item or other source) to apply the Sorcerer's effect of the Distant Spell, Empowered Spell or Extend spell metamagic to the spell.
Overcome the Parameters (6th level): You may study and memorize one spell from any class's spell list as long as it is equal to or less than highest level you may cast.  Once that spell is cast, this ability cannot be used until after a short or long rest.  You can only choose a new spell after a long rest.
Optionally this is a feat and can only be taken if you have this background and are at least 4th level.

Personal Laboratory (10th level):  Through either your own inventions or the largesse of a satisfied patron, you obtain a small domicile or run-down manor to use as your laboratory. Consult with your GM to determine its layout and location; it is sturdy, but made of ordinary materials, and contains appropriate equipment for alchemical, biological, or otherworldly investigation and experimentation. You also gain a laboratory assistant (hunchback optional) who will do your bidding but rarely leaves your laboratory. You can furnish or expand the laboratory as you wish, and under ordinary circum- stances, it’s a reasonably safe “home base” for you.
Optionally this is a feat and can only be taken if you have this background and are at least 8th level, additionally gain +1 Intelligence.

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