Friday, August 9, 2013

Tales of the 13th Age: Enrique Del Fuego

Enrique "El Jefe" Del Fuego has recently gained notoriety  in the Seven Cities for looking for agents willing to partake a mission "rich with equal parts danger and fortune."

Its notable that established adventurers such as Sheena "She-Ra" Rath, Sargoo the Sapient, and Billy Ray Cordite have been turned down by El Jefe.

Recently, Enrique assembled a team, a rag tag band of exuberant, yet unknown adventurers set out from the city of New Port to Roachdale.

Roachdale is a bustling fur and lumber settlement amidst Volmer's forest (the Wild Wood) and southeast of New Port by about four days travel.  The trip is fairly easy as Roachdale is connected to New Port by the Pilgrim's Road (the New Road).

Rumors surround Enrique Del Fuego:

1) In the last month, he has hired two prior teams to make the journey to Roachdale in search of a mysterious treasure.

2) Enrique's wife, Esmeralda Faustina, was sacrificed to the Lich King while he was leading a merchant caravan between Santa Cora and Horizon.  She was sacrificed as punishment for offering their daughter, Anabella, to the Diabolist as a blood pact so she may finally give her husband a son.

3) Enrique is being observed by the Wotangamut.

4) Enrique is a staunch follower of the Priestess and has earned the title El Jefe due to his generosity.

5) Enrique recovered and sold the Lich King's True Hand to a collector in Axis several years ago.

6) Enrique murdered his business partner, Victor Capello, because he believed that Capello was responsible for his wife's death.

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