Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tales of the 13th Age: Company of Badgers

El Jefe formed an adventuring company and has contract several members for the first leg of the operation.  Those who signed his contract are obligated to journey to Roachdale and recover an item they are only allowed to disclose to him. 

In turn he has taken care of their room and board in New Port and has provided them with a per diem and supplies to make a round trip journey to the settlement.

The brave souls who have signed on are:

Joshua Umbertusk, a half-orc monk walking the Shakti Path.  He is fastidious about his cleanliness and appearance and prides himself on nearly passing as a human.  He has put his faith in the hands of the Priestess and sought out the esoteric katas of the Great Gold Wyrm.

Dalthorian, a serious and careful long haired wood elf and the Last Survivor of the Kel'Thasar (One Unique Thing).  He is devoted to the Great Gold Wyrm.

Ulrik Bgrrrrr, a dirty and grim wood elf who has been Raised by Bears (One Unique Thing).  He is accompanied by his "older brother", Popo, a bristlebearn bear who is good at driving wagons and is deeply concerned for the groups well being, bordering on paranoia.  He strongly supports the High Druid.

Dusk, a tall, wisp of a drow.  She is filthy and unkempt and is always on edge.  She suffers from Cleptomania (One Unique Thing), and is constantly redistributing the team's belongings.  She has garnered the attention of the Prince of Shadows.

Tiffanie, Desiray, and Martha Swanshadow, high elven triplets who have chosen to carry on the Swanshadow family tradition of being adventurers.  Tiffanie can Talk to Animals (One Unique Thing).  Desiray Spent Many Years as a Yeti (One Unique Thing).  And Martha Dreads Storms Because They Reveal the Future (One Unique Thing).  All three have strong ties to the Elf Queen.

Alora Dannon, a half-orc reaver and sellsword with little beauty and even less brains.  She is a loner and prefers silence.  She has served in the Orc Lord's army.

Johnny Walker Cash, a human bard with a mysterious past.  He is very talkative and extroverted and constantly talks bout his partial amnesia and strange black cowpunching boots.  He constantly drinks from his Flask That Never Empties and has never met a stranger.  He has crossed paths with the Prince of Shadows, served the Priestess faithfully, and run afoul of the Lich King.

El Jefe did provide a rare and strange brass cart and four stout horses to pull it.  He has also hinted that others may join their ranks.

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