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Sagacious Sojourns of Sargoo the Sapient or The Wotangamut: Wonderworkers or Worriesome Warlocks? [13th Age]

Salutations!  It is your good fortune, indeed, that has brought you to this treatise.  In little time at all
Me, wearing the height of fashion in the 11th Age.
your friends, loved ones, and even enemies will marvel at the knowledge I have imparted to you and your mind will, literally, swell with the mysteries that have been unveiled to you!

I am sure you need no introduction to my many, many, many great accomplishments, but I would be remiss in not revealing myself to you.  I am Sargoo of Thoda, the Great Thinker, the One Man Thodex, the Infinite Professor, the Delver of Ages short, I am Sargoo the Sapient and my deeds are bountiful and have altered the course of civilization.

Today's lesson deals with the ancient and cyclopean group of warlocks and wonder sellers that comprise the Wotangamut.  A mystical brotherhood that served the Archmage of the 8th Age,W'Otan until his fall at the hand of the his son, Lok, the Diabolist of the 8th Age. But W'Otan's Wotangamut never forgot his teachings or abandoned his instructions to them and they still walk amongst us in this Age, waiting for their master's return.

The brothers of the Wotangamut, or Cyclops, as they oft times refer to themselves, prefer to keep a lower profile and have strong ties to the Emperor with persistent rumors that link them to the Prince of Shadows.  Unsurprisingly, they do not recognize the current Archmage, as W'Otan will return from the dead one day soon and they have no need to follow an imposter.  In fact, amongst their brotherhood, to show support of any kind for the Imposter is punishment by exile and a secret ritual that removes all knowledge of the Wotangamut and their teachings from the traitor's mind.

In fact, the brotherhood constantly works to bring about the downfall of the current Archmage, as they zealously believe that it will hasten the return of W'Otan.  This has caused much strain on the ties that bind the Emperor and the Archmage, as the Wotangamut are staunch supporters of the Dragon Empire.

They've helped the Emperor in the collection and safe guarding of the Imperial taxes for several centuries and have shrewdly invested the funds, which has greatly helped the Dragon Empire to flourish.  The Emperor's gratitude has been enhanced because the brotherhood asks for so little in return for their services.  All they have thus far required is a keep along the Grandfather in Eld, a chapter house in Axis, and a plantation on Omen.

The Archmage has accused the Emperor of looking the other way on their many and varied terror attacks against Horizon.  While the brotherhood has never been officially linked to the crimes, it is only due to the intervention of their employer, the Emperor.  The problem is further compounded by the Wotangamut's many and varied financial partners who have no desire to allow any harm to befall the group, as their transactions with the brotherhood has proven far to profitable.

Part of the Wotangamut's success at both money management and terrorist actions is their goal to remain small and highly trained.  There are never more than sixty-six brothers at any one time and all use secret magic to give themselves long life and good health.  And when new members are required, the group selects and recruits the candidates, as anyone who applies to the brotherhood is turned down, regardless of their qualifications.

The Wotangamut selects members from all races, professions, and walks of life.  Since all members are trained in ancient and esoteric magics, spell casting ability is not a requirement to be recruited.  If a recruit does finish their initial training, the last ritual they must undergo involves the ritual removal of one of their own eyes, so they are fully committed to the Wotangamut and are completely loyal to W'Otan.

It is rare that a recruit will not decide to finish their training, but those few that do have demonstrated strong loyalties to the brotherhood even after severing ties with them.

The actions against the Archmage are merely part of the brotherhood's strict adherence to a set of prophecies conveyed to the group, in the months leading up to their death of their master.  The brotherhood devoutly believes that taking the actions dictated in the prophecy will lead to the rebirth of W'Otan.

Rumors (1d6)

1 - The Prince of Shadows helps the Wotangamut in it's war against the Archmage, in exchange for certain privileges in Imperial Society.

2 - A unit of Cyclops maintain a presence in Drakkenhall, where their prophecies indicate Lok has already made his return.

3 - Missionaries believe they have found the reborn W'Otan in the Red Wastes, amongst a nomadic tribe of the Betu Ven'skarr.

4 - The Emperor's daughter, Corraline of Vess, third in line for the throne, was recruited by the Wotangamut, but chose not to take the final ritual.

5 - The Prince of Shadows was turned down being recruited by the brotherhood.

6 - The current Archmage has imprisoned W'Otan.

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