Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Death's Head Keep: Level 1, Room 5

The room is dominated by a wide set of stone steps leading down into obscuring mists.

  • It is 10’ x 40’. 
  • The mist starts 10’ down the steps.
  • The room is oppressively humid and anyone wearing armor sweats profusely.

The steps within the mist are slick with moisture.

  • They lead down 20’. 
  • The steps are Difficult Ground.

A large doorway glows amber in the mist.

  • The doorway is 20’ away from the bottom step.
  • The amber glow is a minor enchantment on the doorframe.
  • The ground is spongy with an earthy smell and in the light of the doorway you can see it is covered in brown moss.

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