Monday, November 22, 2021

Marvel Monday: Doctor Doom for Old School Essentials

Doctor Victor Von Doom for Old School Essentials

"King of Space." "Master of the Sun." You claim such vast domains. Is it to balance your small souls? Could I not lay claim to the light and the void, if I wished it? Have I not earned such titles? I, who have mastered all arts, all sciences, all secrets? Whose technology and magic cross the stars as easily as they scramble an alpha telepath's mind? Who would dare to say I have not earned the right? Yet I am king of a simple nation. On a simple planet. A beloved garden tended by iron hands. And the only title I have ever claimed... is doctor."

AC -1 [21], HD 9 (40hp), Att 1 × pistol (1d10), THAC0 15 [+4],  
MV 90’ (30’), SV D9 W10 P9 B12 S10 (MU9), ML 11, AL Lawful, 
XP 2,300, NA 1 (1), TT A, B, G, N, O

> Spells: Has three 1st level, three 2nd level, three 3rd level, two 4th level, and one 5th level spell memorized (choose or select at random). Additionally, he can cast detect magic, magic missile, read magic, and shield without memorizing them.

>Flight: Flies at a speed of 180' (60')

> Class: Usually treated as 3rd level fighter, but may be of any class and level.

> Knight and retainers: Accompanied by three 3rd level fighters (knights), up to 3 2nd level fighters (squires) and up to ten 1st level fighters (retainers).

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