Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tarrasque's Are Overrated or I Wish 5E Hadn't Used the Name Challenge Rating

Friday night, my player's characters moved back in time and went from 13th level to 20th level. Don't ask.

As they came to their senses after the time jaunt the Tarrasque loomed large in the Fantom Ocean roaring a challenge to them.

The battle was joined...

This is the second Tarrasque fight I've run in 5E and this one went better than the first but even with running multiple enemies, the fight was pretty easy for the PCs. I did swallow one, but she had acid resistance and when she cast thunderwave in his gullet I had it deal double damage.

The notion of balancing encounters is something that I ignored in previous editions. I started embracing it in early 5E because I had a group that preferred it. But as we've played together we all mostly agree that a group skilled at playing 5E has huge advantages against most enemies as the rules are written. Additionally, we play 2-3 hours sessions and I don't worry about X number of encounters per adventuring day. I'll be thinking of ways to make battles more interesting and more challenging. I don't have the answer yet, but I'll post about it when I figure out how I want to proceed.

I'm excited about leaning into an Epic DnD game and I've decided I'm going to use Grant Morrison's JLA run for inspiration. Maybe I can even research how he used those stories for his Wizard War with Alan Moore. I've always wanted a game that used their War as a setting. Maybe this one will do that, two demi-gods using the PCs as pawns in their machinations.

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