Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Tiny Supers: Minuteman

Art by Storn Cook

Minuteman (Controller)
Stress Capacity: 5

Crowd Control
Super Speed (Tier 1)
Snare (Tier 1)
Phasing (Tier 1, he can only phase through objects while moving)

Power Origin
Enhanced (Lab Accident)

Libby Lawrence

Light Melee (Unarmed)

There is Always Time for Justice!

Erik Feist is Pre-Med at Queen City University and was interning at CHON, a bio-tech firm, when the supervillain Saturn attacked the lab searching for a cure to his wife's cancer. During Saturn's search, his powers caused a container of Caduscea Plus to explode and bathed Erik in the experimental prototype.

Erik was in a coma for sixteen days and when he finally came too he was greeted by his Mom and Dad and girlfriend Libby.

When he got out of the hospital he slowly discovered his super speed powers and within a month created the Minuteman identity. 

He has spent the last 6 months protecting the city from the likes of Dr. Kaiju, Orion Major, and the shadowy cabal known as Malefactor.

He does his best to balance his studies, fighting crime, and making time for Libby and his family. Its a lot easier to do when you can run fast enough to phase through matter.


Brian I said...

Nice. I do dig Tiny Supers

Cross Planes said...

Thanks. It's a great system.

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