Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Fighting the Good Fight

I'm saddened by what's going on within the Blogosphere, the OSR, and Social Media. I wish, in 2020, I didn't feel the need to type that I'm against racists and antisemites, but I do. I'm against them and I have no place for them anywhere in my life. I'm not going to break it down further because better bloggers than I have addressed it. I want to thank Erik Tenkar and Robert Connely for having the courage and moral strength to do what is right.

To cheer myself up here is The Fighting American, created by Joe Simon and Jack "The King" Kirby, for Tiny Supers 2nd Edition

The Fighting American (Paragon)
Stress Capacity: 6

Armored (Tier 1)
Super Speed (Tier 1)
Super Strength (Tier 1)

Power Origin

Enhanced (Super Soldier)



Light Melee (Unarmed)

Fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way

"Nelson Flagg was the unathletic younger brother of star athlete and war hero Johnny Flagg, and served as the writer for popular TV news commentator Johnny at station USA. When outspoken anti-Communist Johnny is killed by one of the many enemies his commentary has earned him, Nelson makes a deathbed promise to hunt down his brother's murderers. Recruited for the U.S. military's "Project Fighting American", Nelson has his mind and life force transferred to Johnny's "revitalized and strengthened" corpse. Assuming Johnny's identity, he adopts the costumed alter ego Fighting American to battle Communist threats."


Brian I said...

Thank you, and thanks.

Cross Planes said...

@Brian, I appreciate that you took the time to post that. Peace.

Brian I said...

I suppose it's somewhat personal. and appreciate people standing up.

Also, sweet write-up of a Kirby classic!

Cross Planes said...

Thank you. I really wanted to stat up MLJ/Red Circle/Archie Comic's The Shield, but I thought a character that Joe Simon and Kirby made was the better idea.

Brian I said...

I think "The King" and Joe would approve!

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