Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Review: Frayed Ends for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Robert Schwalb released Frayed Ends for Shadow of the Demon Lord on Monday. Rob and Schwalb Entertainment have been juggernauts with releases, often weekly, and the support has made Shadow of the Demon Lord a phenomenal game.

Rul, the setting of Shadow of the Demon Lords, is a dark realm that is about to face its end. One side effect of the horrors that adventurers face is Sanity loss. Frayed Ends provides six random tables filled with random Quirks to relieve a character's mind of the madness they have endured. In the core rules, a player would work with GM to determine what Quirks would develop from gaining madness. These tables replace that interaction.

First you roll a d6 to determine what table to use. Then you roll a d20 to gain a Quirk.

Let's say that my d6 roll is a 3 and my d20 roll is a 7, my result is "You believe you can fly and might try to prove it when given a chance."

Or this time my d6 is a 2 and my d20 roll is a "Whenever you see a shiny object, you must get a success on a Will challenge roll or, when you are next able, be forced to move toward that object."

I like the Quirks as an option for the GM and player to fall back on in case ideas are not forthcoming.

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