Saturday, November 23, 2019

Daughters & Dragons: Her First Campaign

My 15 year old daughter has begun her first campaign tonight, as I type this, actually.

She's played with me, her brother, and friends for years, but tonight she embarks on a new path with a group all of her own. She decided she wanted to stick to something close to DnD but in a modern setting.

I helped her pick Skyscrapers and Sorcery, which is based on Swords and Wizardry White Box or White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game.

Her group is making characters now and going through Session Zero.


Scott Anderson said...

We are truly blessed aren’t we? My 17 yo son loves to participate. He has run a few dungeons but prefers to play. I get to referee for him, two other young men and my friend and his wife. Just wonderful.

My daughter is also 15. She has her own group. They play 5e (oh well). She’s going to start reffing some time in 2020 when her turn comes up.

Cross Planes said...

@Scott, that's awesome. Good job.

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