Wednesday, September 18, 2019

PunkApocalyptic Quickstart

The awesome Robert Schwalb is running a Kickstarter for his newest RPG, PunkApocalyptic. Yeah, I mentioned it here.

He's provided an excellent 53-page Quickstart to allow to you to try out the setting and rules as a Pay What You Want product on DriveThruRPG.

The first 47-pages covers character creation, the rules, gear, social conflict, combat, and a quick overview of the setting. 

The rest of the document is a starting adventure. 

If you know how to play Shadow of the Demon Lord then the only real change is having eight Attributes instead of four Attributes.

If you are new to the system this brings you up to speed. Character creation is fast enough that you could make a character up for each member of your group and be up and playing in less than an hour.

One thing to know about Rob is that he has always delivered his projects in a very timely fashion and he communicates with the Backers regularly.

I hope you back this project, it's close to funding and I'm hoping to get lots of additional stuff :)

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