Monday, April 1, 2019

Waterdeep: Catching Up

I haven't posted about my Waterdeep/Undermountain game in a bit. 

The characters just hit 9th level at the end of last session (I use Milestones).

Once they left Undermountain they've been focused on personal goals and accomplishments.

The Cleric became a Templar of her Faith, in lieu of becoming Bishop. Due to an infernal deal she made her burn scars healed and her Charisma improved. Her Church took that as some great enlightenment and after a very well done improvisational speech in character, she had the clout to choose to be a Templar, the same rank as Bishop, but without all the paper work.

Our Wizard is also a Paladin of Bane. In my Waterdeep, lycanthropic slavers known as the Red Door have nearly beaten the Zhentarim. A Zhent agent has convinced the Wizard to bring the Church of Bane into the fight with the Red Door. Things are going to get bloody fast, I think.

Our Bard could literally drive the plotlines of a whole campaign by herself. She has currently hired out the Zhent agent to steal a violin from a Duchess so she can get the Bard's College off of her back. She also has a Patron/Romantic Interest who is missing her. Additionally, she has made a deal with Drow to get a baby chimera when it hatches and has an automaton they rescued making armor for it. Oh, and she has been one of two survivors (the other being the Cleric) who had called a truce with the leader of the Red Door. 

Our Fighter set up an agreement with Drow to send them 5 of his captives (from his nearby Lands) each month to open up lines of communication. His sister isn't very happy about it.

Our Monk is a just your average Pandaran trying to avenge his gnome buddy. He's pretty sure they'd leave him to die if given the chance.

Our Ranger is a quiet dude who gets things done. They've recently met a sect called the Aeon Priesthood who seem to dabble in time travel. He seems curious about them.

We'll be down some players next session. I'd imagine the gang war plot line will be primary, but we'll see.

Since they've hit 9th level, I'm beginning to lay the ground work for the climax of the campaign. We'll see how it goes.

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