Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Blackest of Deaths: The Core Mechanic

Eric Bloat of Bloat Games is a pretty swell guy. He gave me access to an ashcan copy of Blackest of Deaths, his new Dire Old School Fantasy RPG, that will be Kickstarted on April 9th.

One of the most unique things about BoD is that it uses a D20 and a D6 for task resolution. Its a roll high mechanic where you want to meet or exceed your target number, so you add any modifiers to the D20 roll. However, you also look at the D6. Ignore a roll of 2-5. On a 1 you have a hindrance added to the outcome. On a 6 you have a benefit added to the outcome.

So let's say that Clancy the Swift is attempting to scale a sheer wall in the dead of night with a storm raging. His D20 roll was only a 3 and he fails his attempt at the climb, but his D6 roll was a 6, so the sentries on the wall haven't noticed him.

I really dig that the mechanic leaves room for the DM to interpret extra results and like how quick it is to both learn and use.

I can't wait for this game.

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