Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Creature Crucible: Ahuizotl for Labyrinth Lord

Ahuizotl for Labyrinth Lord
AL N, MV 30 (Swim 60), AC 8, HD 2, 
#AT 1+1 (bite), THAC0 18, DG 1d4+1, 
SV 1 thief, ML 9,  Can hold it's breath for up 
to 10 minutes,  XP 21

Ahuizotl are believed to be related to otters. They look like a dog with a monkey’s hand on the end of its tail and a penchant for water. They hunt in the shallow parts of rivers, waiting to amubush pray—grabbing their targets with its murder hand and pulling them under. Then it eats their eyeballs, teeth and nails while drowning it's victims. 

When a creature is fighting an ahuizotl in water, it must make a Save vs Petrify/Paralyze at the end of it's turn. On a failure, the creatues has a 10% chance of drowning and each additional failure increases it's chance of drowning by +10%. Any success on the Saving Throw removes the creatures chance of drowning for that turn.

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