Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Realms: Foulwater Goblin Tribe

Recently, the Foulwater goblin tribe has been terrorizing the 

farmlands north and west of Phlan and making incursions into the Quivering forest.

While the Rangers stationed at Fort Buckler did their best to protect the citizens of the area, the Fort has now fallen and most of the Green Stride are presumed dead.  Shoggoth allowed those who sought refuge there to leave, as long they warned the rulers of Phlan that his domain around them was strictly off limits.

While it appears uncertain that the city will offer any aid, the news about the Tribe has simply made things worse there.  Citizens already unhappy with Lord Regent Brahms and his martial law now have to worry about invasion.  Rumors have spread that an oni named Shoggoth has taken charge of Foulwater and seems to have hired hobgoblins from the nearby Doombringer Legion and has fortified their ranks with at least two hill giants.

Even worse, the Welcomers fear that the nefarious Cult of the Dragon that has plagued Faerun for many months now is supplying Shoggoth with the gold needed to sow chaos in the area.

Phlan is facing truly dire times.

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