Friday, October 28, 2022

Shadowdark: Death Knight

I've recently discovered the Shadowdark RPG and I've really been taken by it.

Death Knight for Shadowdark RPG

Death Knights serve dark gods who have allowed them to defeat oblivion for their very soul.

AC 16 (enchanted plate mail), HD 8 (48), ATK 3 greatsword +8 (1d12+2) or 1 spell +4, MV near, S +4, D +0, C +2, I +0, W +2, Ch +0, AL L

Dark Templar. Tier 2 cleric. They know Holy Weapon, Shield of Faith, Blind/Deafen, and Smite.

Death's Embrace. 1/day can ignore the effects of a spell cast upon them.

Greater Undead. Immune to morale checks. Only damaged by silver or magical sources. 

Marshal the Dead. The death knight and all undead that are Near it have Advantage against being turned.

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