Sunday, October 9, 2022

BXRP: A Fighter and an Orc

As part of my job running a comic and game store I teach a lot of people how to play Dungeons and Dragons and I've been contemplating this alteration to B/X DnD, Basic Fantasy, and Old School Essentials for some time. It simply changes the core mechanic from a d20 to a d100 roll low system. Its not mind blowing and I'm sure there will be people who might as "what is the point?"

The point is trying to demystify our hobby even further and overcome the "fear of math" that I encounter quite a bit in new players of all ages. Percentiles, obviously, are really easy to understand and explain and I just want to expand my toolbox for helping people find a hobby they love.

When a contested roll occurs, such as combat, the attack succeeds if their roll is equal to or less than Attack percentage and any doubles that are less than that score a critical successes, while any doubles greater than that score are critical failures. When attacked a creature rolls its Armor Class percentage and the attack misses if they succeed on their roll and in case of both attack and defender succeeding the winner is the highest successful roll unless critical are involved.

Constance Attacks the Orc Raider and she rolls a 32 while his AC roll is a 45, since his roll succeeds with the higher roll Constance misses the Raider.

Constance and the Or Raider are presented below.

Constance the Red

Strength 16 [80%] (+10%/+2)

Intelligence 13 [65%]

Wisdom 17 [85%] (+10%)

Dexterity 8 [40%] (-5%)

Constitution 15 [75%] (+5%/+1)

Charisma 10 [50%]

Hit Points 9

Melee Attack 65%

Ranged Attack 50%

Armour Class 70% (Chainmail)

Weapons Sword 1d8+2

Gear Backpack

Gold 75gp

Background Skill Baker

Appearance Malodorous, Snobbish

Personality Curious, Foolhardy

Misfortune Pursued

Languages Chaotic, Common

Death 45%

Wands 40%

Paralysis 35%

Breath 30%

Spells 30%

Orc Raider

AC 65%, HD 1 (4hp), Att 1 × weapon (1d6 or by weapon), Attack 55%, MV 120’ (40’), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (1), ML 6, AL Chaotic, XP 10, NA 1d8 (3d6), TT D 


Cupboard Gnome said...

Can you expand on what you mean by 'doubles'?

Cupboard Gnome said...
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Cross Planes said...

Sure. Doubles on the die roll. 11, 22, 33, etc. If they are less than or equal to your Ability/SKill its a critical success if higher its a critical failure. I like the blackjack style percentage because it lets those with higher skill succeed more often in a contest roll than a system where the lowest successful roll succeeds.

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