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Jarlsburg: Ember Drake for Old School Essentials


Ember Drake for Old School Essentials

Ember drakes are rewarded to especially devoted mortal worshippers of Tiamat. The Dragon Queen has found incredible success with the machinations of her zealots that are not dragons and while most of her dragon followers are disgusted at the mere thought of working with the lesser races, she is well aware that over the last millennia subtlety can be as devastating as a one of her children rampaging through a mortal city. Ember drakes are generally reserved for cults that are establishing a foothold within an area and are best used terrorizing the locals and quite often allow high ranking members of a cell to gain or increase their personal power in their territory. They are fairly cunning and always ready for a hunt. They are given to a priest while still an egg and bond with the first humanoid they see.

AC 5 [14], HD 4 (18hp), Att 1 × bite (2d4), THAC0 16 [+3], MV 120' (40'), SV D11 W13 P14 B13 S15,
ML 9, AL Lawful, XP 100, NA 1 (1), TT T

 Emberspark: When the ember drake rolls a natural 19-20 on their attack roll it emits a gout of flame that catches the target on fire and inflicts an additional 1d6 damage each turn until they or an ally pass a Dexterity check to put the fire out.

 Fireborn: Ember drakes are immune to damage from fire.

▶ Master of Flame: An ember drake's master has a bond with the creature that grants them resistance to fire (1/2 damage).

 Tail Lash: When a creature makes a melee attack against the ember drake and rolls a natural 1 they take 1d4 damage.

Ember Drake 
Evil Large beast
Initiative +2
AC 14
HP 115
Str 18 (+4)     Dex 12 (+2)    Con 14 (+2)   Int 7 (-2)
Wis 14 (+2)     Cha 6 (-2)
Space/Reach 10 feet/5 feet
Speed 60 feet
Melee Attack claws +6/+6 (1d6+4 slashing/
1dt+4 slashing) and bite +6 (1d8 +4 piercing)
Special Traits tailslap; vulnerable to poison damage
XP 450

    Tailslap three per day an ember drake can take an extra attack with it's tail.  If it hits with it's tailslap, the target takes 2d6+4 bludgeoning damage and is knocked back 10 feet.
    Vulnerability ember drakes have poison damage doubled against them.
    Combat:  Ember drakes are smart and vicious.  They will stalk and ambush their prey with great patience.  They prefer to tear at their target with claws and finish them off with their bite.  It's not uncommon for them to surprise a secondary victim with a quick snap of their long tail.   
     Habitat and Socity:  Ember drakes are created through a magical ritual generally practiced by Cults of Nilat the Corrupter.  The process requires a duck egg and nearly 2 years of foul ceremonies.  Ember drakes can be trained, though they are very willful.  They are far smarter, than most would anticipate and are easy to underestimate.
    Legend and Lore:  Their tails are useful for rituals and material components.  Their hearts are a delicacy and fairly valuable.  Less know is that their rear left paw is necessary for a specific darkness producing ritual, Gloaming.  With much commitment, ember drakes can be trained, but will never be fully broken.  The sage, Korwin of Nuln listed ember drakes as the scouts for Nilat's worshipers.

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