Thursday, August 27, 2020

RPGaDAY 2020: Days 25, 26, & 27


Lever: My worldview and my attitude toward Role Playing has changed quite a bit in the last 4 years. I find that the longer I play and the older I get the more I'm trying to just enjoy time with my group and play what we like. For instance, I'd love to run an OSR game but few of them are different enough from DnD 5E, a game we are all fairly invested in, so it makes no sense to switch. This is sea change where I spent decades focusing on the rules.

Strange: I love strange and goofy stuff in my games. Planet of the Apes in Shadow of the Demon Lord? You betcha! Visiting Monster Island and fleeing from Kaiju? Let's add some 13th Age! He-Man and his Masters of the Universe? They make any game better!! In most cases I find more gonzo equals more fun.

Flavour: I like little tidbits in my game--easter eggs really. Things like using Amora the Enchantress as a Goddess of Witches in a 5E game where I swap Gods of the Marvel Universe for traditional DnD Gods. As a player I like having ties to the campaign world through relatives, contacts, and enemies. Those little things go a long way in games.


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