Thursday, June 4, 2020

D&D Beyond is Selling Dice

DnD Beyond is a tool that I use and enjoy. My whole group works with it and during the Quarantine, it worked great with Roll20, especially if you are using Beyond20 for Chrome and Firefox.

I will admit that I'm disappointed that the App won't allow you to display your character sheet and roll dice, BUT you can do those things with your phone/tablet's web browser.

Since I have a Master Level account I'm able to use the Beta Dice Rolling feature. It is s a little slow to roll in my opinion, but it works just fine (I also hope there will be the option to hear the dice roll).

This week DnD Beyond began selling a digital set of dice to go with the release of Mythic Odysseys of Theros going live there. The dice are cool looking and I'm contemplating buying them.

My main issue is that these digital dice are $14.99 which as a Game Retailer is more than most of Chessex and Q-Workshop's physical dice set. I will add though, that through June 9th half the proceeds will go to Black Lives Matters, which I applaud.

I understand that DnD Beyond needs to make money but I'm not too keen on this price point. I'd be much happier with 5.99 to 9.99 as these are virtual dice. If you want to simply provide options besides black or white that costs you the $7.96

I realize that in 2020 this is a pretty tiny concern but it bothers me and I thought it should be addressed.

I will probably end up buying them, especially with the donation to BLM, but I'm going to be grumpy if that price point continues.


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