Friday, June 26, 2020

9th AGE: Foci Stunts for Bears A Halo Of Fire & Murders (Numenera x AGE System)

In my previous post I talked about using Green Ronin's Fantasy AGE with Monte Cook Games' Numenera which is known as the 9th World. Today, I'm working up Stunt Tables to represent the Cypher System's  Foci which includes things like Bears a Halo of Fire or Murders. The traditional Stunt Tables for Combat, Exploring, Role Playing, and Spellcasting are still used, though I am looking at making them Glaive/Warrior, Jack/Rogue, and Nano/Adept specific.

Foci in the Cypher System have six levels which is wonderfully synergistic with the AGE system.

Bears a Halo of Fire Stunt Chart
1 Stunt Point: At your command, your entire body becomes shrouded in flames and inflicts 1d3 damage to anyone who strikes you in melee combat and you take 1/2 damage from fire until the end of your next turn.
2 Stunt Points: You can reach into your halo and hurl a handful of fire as a ranged attack at a target within 60 yards that deals 2d6 damage.

3 Stunt Points: You can produce a hand made of animated flame that is twice the size of a human’s hand for 1 minute. The hand acts as you direct, floating in the air. Directing the hand is an action. Without a command, the hand does nothing. It can move 15 yards in a round, but it never moves farther away from you than 30 yards. The hand can grab, move, and carry things, but anything it touches takes 1d6 points of damage per round from the heat. You can also make a ranged attack with the hand. It has Strength +0, Defense 10, 5 Hit Points, and deals 1d6+1 damage.

4 Stunt Points: You extend your halo of fire to cover a weapon you wield in flames. The flame-covered weapon deals an additional 2d6 damage.

5 Stunt Points: Fiery tendrils sprout from your aura affecting three targets. First, pick secondary and tertiary targets. Both targets must be adjacent to you if you are using a melee weapon or within 6 yards of your primary target if you are using a missile weapon. Apply the test result of your original attack roll to the secondary and tertiary targets (in other words, you only make one attack roll and apply it to all three opponents). If any of the three targets are hit, you deal an additional 1d6 damage.

6  Stunt Points: You reach into your halo and summon a fire elemental that is your general shape and size. It acts as you direct each round. Directing the servant is an action, and you can command it only when you are within 60 yards of it. Without a command, the servant continues to follow your previous command. You can also give it a simple programmed action, such as “Wait here, and attack anyone who comes within 10 yards until they’re dead.” The servant lasts for 1 minute, has 20 Hit Points, a Defense of 12, Fight of +1, all other Characteristics of +0, Speed of 12, and deals 2d6+2 damage.

Murders Stunt Chart

1 Stunt Point: You inflict an additional 1d6 damage.

2 Stunt Points: You move to the top of the Initiative order.

3 Stunt Points: You inflict an additional 2d6 damage.

4 Stunt Points: You gain +3 Defense until the beginning of your next turn.

5 Stunt Points: You ignore Armor and inflict an additional 4d6 damage.

6 Stunt Points: After you reduce a creature to 0 Hit Points you can immediately Move up to your Speed and if possible make a Steath check to Hide.

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