Saturday, January 4, 2020

TinyD6: Storm Troopers

Our regular DM, couldn't make it this week because he is moving so I prepped a one-shot (actually I prepped two one-shots, because I had a good idea for TinyD6 and Dungeon Crawl Classics using the 0 level Funnel). 

I was able to work up six Imperial Storm Troopers in less than 20 minutes, which was awesome. I've said this before, but TinyD6 is everything I wanted Savage Worlds to be. No offense to SW, I just really like hit points.

You may be asking, "Why would you make the Player Characters Storm Troopers, they are the bad guys?"

We didn't end up playing because those of us that could make it took the time to catch up and burn off some holiday steam. It was a good time and I'm sure I'll find time later in the year to give it a go.

The answer is, because I wanted to shake things up. I'm not trying to say the Empire are the Good Guys, I just had an idea for the storyline  and it's something different and Storm Troopers worked.

I'm going to post all six of the Troopers right here, if you want a PDF of them e-mail me at mark at crossplanes dot com or even post your e-mail address in the comments, if that suits you.

I used Tiny Pirates as a guideline of Hit Points and number of Traits and each Storm Trooper gets the Armor Master Trait for free. If you REALLY want to bust your Player's chops you can ignore gaining Mastery in any weapon.

Trooper 1
Hit Points: 6 + 3 Armor
Ambush Specialist
Born Fighter
Quick Shot

Trooper 2
Hit Points: 8 + 3 Armor
Heavy Weapons Expert

Trooper 3
Hit Points: 6 + 3 Armor
Fleet of Foot

Trooper 4
Hit Points: 6 + 3 Armor
Quick Gun

Trooper 5
Hit Points: 6 + 3 Armor

Trooper 6
Hit Points: 6 + 3 Armor
Medical Savant


Wouter said...

Good guys, bad guys, it's all a matter of perspective :).
I like the idea of having your players have a go as a regular trooper, hope they enjoy it.

Cross Planes said...

Thanks! I thought it would a change of pace.

matt said...

This is great! Loving your SW Tiny d6 stuff!

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