Friday, January 24, 2020

As the World of Darkness Turns: Prince Solomon

Tonight, our long-running Vampire: the 5th Edition game, ran by my good friend David, came to...not a conclusion but the close of a chapter in our unlives.

After serving our Prince of Cincinnati, our Coterie --which consists of the Tremere Primogen (me), Toreador Primogen, Spymaster, and a newcomer (we've just had a new player join the game) -- was sent to Louisville, KY to deal with a break-in in the vault of it's former Prince (he went on Jihad).

We met many of the key players of the city, which was being run by a Giovanni Regent, and solve the theft. Strangely, at least to me, I was then appointed Prince of Louisville and given the approval to exterminate the Regent and nearby Tell City's Prince. The Regent was just an outsider and Tell City's Prince had broken the Masquerade. I was shocked that I was made Louisville's Prince. I'd tossed around the idea of overthrowing Cincinnati's Prince, but not with any real conviction.

But, from my perspective, Louisville and Tell City needed a new start. Our first goal was to exterminate the Regent and we were able to use the main ally of Tell City's Prince in the attack and then assassinated him rather quickly. I chose to bring them Final Death by decapitating them both. Why be hounded by an angry immortal when you can just finish them completely? Solomon is a pragmatist.

Sadly, our attack of Tell City's Prince didn't go so well, and our Spymaster ended up in torpor for six months.

I met with the Tell City Prince after finding out that if I did exterminate her I didn't subsume her territory. We both let reason prevail and she promised to return our Spymaster to me if I didn't attack her for six months. It seemed reasonable and who wants to begin their reign with a war? 

War isn't Solomon's style. Shocking and brutal actions are.

I didn't have to worry anyway.

When the Spymaster came out of torpor he went off the grid, he'd lost a great deal of wealth when he went into torpor due to his paranoia.

Meanwhile, I was learning how to be a Prince and the Toreador Primogen in our Coterie became Prince of Cincinnati. Our old Prince had to return to Europe to take his seat at the Council and Riff Raff was he hand-picked successor.

Strangely, after our Spymaster, Alex went off the grid and disappeared, the Tell City Prince disappeared, as well. Alex has a wish-granting Djinn.

It's been a pretty cool Chronicle.

We are going to playtest Modiphius' 2d20 based Fallout RPG for a bit and then when we return, we will be playing other characters, probably in Cincinnati.

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