Tuesday, August 20, 2019

#RPGaDAY 2019: Day 20

NOBLE is an interesting topic. Back in my youth, I wanted our RPG sessions to be filled with melodrama and deep character arcs. I was fully into Storytelling. After all, I was young and had plenty of time and very few real responsibilities. However, most of the people I played with wanted laugh, zing one-liners, snack, and roll some dice. At some point, I took it upon myself to bring NOBILity to these wayward savages.

Which basically mean a lot of drama. I mean, A LOT OF DRAMA. Thankfully, at some point, my lovely and brilliant wife pointed out that all we did was fight. And she was right. So I took a step back and realized that I am at least 50% of any conflict that I am in. Even if I'm well-intentioned, I am still at least half the problem.

Since I came back to RPGs, my intentions have been far more NOBLE. Now we all just want to laugh, zing one-lines, snack, and roll some dice. It's all a lot easier now.

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