Thursday, August 29, 2019

Character Buliding: Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG Playtest Guide

I just received the PDF of the Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG Playtest Guide from Pegasus Speiele for Review purposes, but I'm going to run through making a character as I read through the game.

Step One is to choose an Ancestry. 
I choose Troll, it's character Modifiers are as follows: Aspect Cap increases the maximum of Mettle or Brawn to 7 (I choose Brawn); Bonus Skill is either Intimidate or Fortitude (I choose Fortitude); Restrictions are that at the beginning of the game my Craft can be no higher than 4 and when I first meet an elf, human, or sprite of Good Alignment or people from Civilized Places they react to me one step lower on the Attitude Chart because I look terrifying.

Now it's time to choose a Background. I roll 1d6 and a result of 1-2 is a Bridgwarden, 3-4 is a Worldwalker, and 5-6 in an Irongbound.

I roll Bridgewarden and gain a +1 to Resolve, Intimidate Skill,  I begin the game with a Messenger Pigeon Follower (I name him Stew), and Once per Day, I can reroll one die on tests related to defending a location.

A Troll's Special Abilities are Regeneration (I can regenerate slowly in battle and faster outside of combat). And I can choose Sentinel, Stonefist, or Stonespeaker (I choose Stonefist that let's me use my fists as weapons and can deal additional damage when I roll a 6 on the Kismet die).

Step Two is to choose Class.
I choose Sorcerer, my Strength is 2, my Craft is 4 (my Max as a Troll), my Life is 9 + Mettle or Resolve (I don't know those yet), my Spell Points are equal to my Craft (so 4), and I gain Bargain, Decipher, Notice, Lore, Psychic, and Spellcasting. I get Arcane Focus in Spellcasting and the Bargain Focus in Decipher.

My Core Features are Arcane Spell Casting, Psychic Assault, Familiar (a Pixie named Aria), and then I have to select Center of the Web, Disarming Wit, A friend of Yours, and the More the Merrier (I choose Disarming Wit which helps me in social situations).

Step Three is to choose Alignment.
I choose Neutral instead of Good or Evil.

Step Four is to assign my Aspects and Attributes.
My class set my Strength at 2 and Craft at 4 but I get to add 1 point to either (I choose Strength 3).

First, I distribute 6 points (Strength x 2) among Brawn, Agility, and Mettle (I choose Brawn 3, Agility 1, Mettle 2).

Second, I distribute 8 points (Craft x2) among Insight, Wits, and Resolve (I choose Insight 2, Wits 5, Resolve 1). 
However, I get +1 Resolve as a Bridgewarden so I end up with Resolve 2.

Step Five is Final Touches.
I get to add 2 Skills or Focuses in any combination (Melee and Psychic Skills).

Max Load is Strength x 3 (6).

Speed is Agility + 10 (11).

Physical Damage Modifier is equal to Strength (3).

Psychic Damage Modifier is equal to Craft (4).

My Life is 11.

My Attributes, Aspects, and Skills are:
Strength 3
  Brawn 3
  Agility 1
  Mettle 2

Craft 4
  Insight 2
  Wits 5
  Resolve 2

Step Six is to determine Equipment.
The game has loadouts for each class, so I choose Sorcerer and I end up with a Staff (1d6 + 3 damage), Spellbook, Pen and Ink, 5 Sheets of paper, Book of Lore on Sprites, Haversack, Bedroll, Tinderbox Mess Kit, Water Bottle, Lantern, 2 Flasks of Oil, Pouch containing 6 Gold.

I have two followers.
A Sprite and a Messenger Pigeon.

Character creation took about 30 minutes. Pretty good for an unfamiliar system.


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