Thursday, February 21, 2019

Worldbuilding: The Ben-Nadi

The Ben-Nadi are a cult of assassins that was founded just over a decade ago by Drago Hirobi, also know as the Seneschal. Drago claims that Nyx, the Goddess of Night and Mother of Monsters, came to him in a vision and instructed him on what he needed to do to create the cult. He even claims that those he recruits are chosen by Nyx to join.

Currently, the Ben-Nadi have 47 members and have quickly garnered a reputation for their ruthlessness and efficiency. Rumors insist that after murdering Prince Gonard of Waloria that nobles from all over the Western seaboard began seeking out the Ben-Nadi for contracts to fulfill.

Once chosen to join the Ben-Nadi, members are heavily recruited and no one is currently known to turn have turned down membership. Obedience to the Seneschal's tenets are required and included a wide variety of strange taboos. After being chosen, a recruit has close to six months of training before being assigned a target to murder. Only after that assignment is fulfilled successfully is a recruit considered a full member and failure means execution.

Members are trained in social situations, combat, acting, disguise, and the art of stealth. Rumors claim that members also have training in shadow magics.

While some scoff at the boogeymen that the Ben-Nadi have become, far more in the know point at how quickly their reputation has grown in such a short time.

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