Tuesday, February 26, 2019

30 Minute Dungeon: Shadowborn's Tomb

I tried my hand at The Bogeyman's 30 Mintue Dungeon:

A recent tremor revealed an opening to what appears to be a laboratory and several connected rooms. Several people from the nearby town of Fayette have started to explore the rooms, but claim an evil spirit is haunting the area and driving them out.

Room 1 Laboratory filled with broken glass, strange ingredients, and numerous shelves lined with books on Alchemy and Necromancy. The room is 20' by 10' and has tiled flooring. The ceilling is 12' high. There are two cages with the skeletons of some unidentified creatures. There is a single exit from the room.

Room 2 is connected to the laboratory. It has the remains of a bed and a wardrobe. Within the wardrobe are several changes of clothes and robes in vibrant colors. Inscribed into the floor is a magic circle with dark stains that might be dried blood. There is one exit from the room. Under the mattress is a pornographic folio featuring drawings of tieflings.

A Hallway connects to the bedroom and has 2 doors on the left and 3 doors on the right.

Room 3 is on the left and has a large cage with the bones of animal about the size of a cow, but with two skulls.

Room 4 is on the right and is a small closet with collapsed shelves. The shelves contained more books, spell materials, a small jade tiger, and an orange sea shell. If the orange sea shell is rubbed, an imp appears, identifies itself as Siegfried and asks, "How may I serve you?". Siegfried served the Necromancer who lived here, Iala Shadowborn. He had failed a mission to the lower planes for her and was in "time out" and placed within the closet.

Room 5 is on the left and has several barrels and crates stored within it. The crates contain paintings and sculptures, worth 300 gp in total. The barrels have an elven cranberry whine that is still good.

Room 6 is on the right and has a large summoning circle within it. Written on the walls, in what appears to be fresh blood is "Get out! Leave this place! You are not welcome here and when night falls I will tear you limb from limb if you are still here!" If anyone begins to examine the portal, the ghost of Iala Shadowborn, a female half-elf appears. She appears in her early 60's and has long silver hair that falls passed her buttocks. Her eyes are sad and she demands that the trespassers leave this place immediately. If the intruders linger long enough, she will sigh and ask them if they can help her? If they agree, she will tell them that a large ruby has been stolen from her and it it could be returned she could be reborn. She also tells them that there is a magic compass in the next room that can lead them to the ruby, which she refers to her "heart".

Room 7 is lined with shelves and has numerous odd and unusual items. The compass rests next to bottle that has lightning in it on the left and and a lead frog that smoke escapes from constantly. If the group has agreed to help Iala she warns them that the door to this room is trapped and gives them the command word to deactivate it. If not, anyone touching the handle must make Save vs Magic (or Dex DC 13) or take 3d8 lightning damage. Additionally, if the group has agreed to help her, she leads them to the compass. It has "IS" engraved on the outer lid and is made of silver. When opened it glows with a slight red light and it points toward the location of the ruby "as the crow flies". The closer it gets to the ruby the brighter it glows and when it is within 10 feet it chimes lightly every 30 seconds.

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