Sunday, February 17, 2019

1,000 Faces: Obadiah Cornwallis

Obadiah Cornwallis
Male Vampire

Ability Scores:
Str 20      Dex 18      Con 20
Int 13      Wis 15       Cha 13 



Role: Obadiah is relatively young vampire, but was a dogged opponent of undead and monsters in his life. His supernatural gifts make him an especially deadly foe because he knows how a monster hunter thinks.

He travels the the countryside in a large covered wagon that is driven by his sister and protector, Barbarella. Barb assisted him in life as a hunter and has become blood bound to him in his undeath, something that truly bothers Obadiah.


Scott Anderson said...

Skerples as a great Dickensian name generator. I put it on a word sheet and I could send it to you. Great names. Also does mannerisms.

Cross Planes said...

Please do. And thank you :)

Scott Anderson said...

Here Mark, try this:

Deadlands: Hangin' Judge for Worlds Without Number

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