Friday, September 7, 2018

Shadow of the Demon Lord: The Reddleman

"According to several witnesses of the razing of Pinehold, this thing came with the dawn. It called up the dead from their graves and then it began raining blood."

The Reddleman          DIFFICULTY 100
Size 1 terrifying monster
Perception  11 (+1); Shadowsight
Defense 14; Health 70
Strength 13 (+3) Agility 13 (+3) 
Intellect 17 (+7) Will 15 (+5)
Speed 12

Tentacles (melee) +3 with 2 boons (2d6+2)

Power 5
Spell Recovery 
Improve Spell Recovery
Sense Magic
Necromancy Spectral Grasp (6), 
   Animate Corpse (6),  Grave Grasp (3), 
   Harvest Soul (3), Bone Splinters (2), 
   Shrieking Skull (2), Cannibalize Magic (2), 
   Seal the Underworld's Gate (1), 
  Army of the Dead (1)
Storm Fog (6), Freezing Fog (3), Hailstorm (2), 
   Acid Rain (1)
Water Produce Water (6), Drown (3)

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