Sunday, June 24, 2018

Blast From the Past: Using OSR Turn Undead Tables as a Skill System

I think the Turn Undead Table in Labyrinth Lord (or any early version of DnD or it's retroclones) would make an excellent Skill System.

A Background or Non-Weapon Proficiency increases your level by 2 for use on the Table.

Any Ability Score modifiers adjust your level by the appropriate amount.

Find your modified level, cross reference it with the Threat Level of the Task and look for Automatic Success, a Target Number or Automatic Failure.

Pretty straightforward if you ask me.

Thieves would get to roll their Thief Skill percentage first, if they fail they may try to roll on the Skill Resolution Table.  Essentially, Thief Skills can be thought of as an extra chance at success or a chance to critically succeed.

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