Thursday, May 17, 2018

Genesys: Natalie Elias

I'd be resisting Fantasy Flight Games' Genesys system because it used "weird dice". I'm not opposed to new tech in RPGs, but I have a lot of dice and I like them. But after seeing some good reviews of the system from some people I trust in the blogosphere, I couldn't help picking it up.

I'm happy I did.

A few years back, I ran a one-shot of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire from the Starter Box and it went well. Very well. I just found the actual rulebook...intimidating. It seemed like more rules than I wanted and the writing, to me, was stiff.

Genesys doesn't feel that way though. The rules are a breeze to read through and the symbols this game uses, again somehow, stick in my brain easier.

I don't honestly know if I'll get much chance to run it, as DnD 5E and to a lesser extent Shadow of the Demon Lord are popular at my tables. But Genesys, thus far, is a bit more my cup of tea than Savage Worlds (it has Hit Points) or FAE and I'd love to run Numenera with the rules (I didn't find the Cypher System very well tooled to action at the table).

So here is character I'm making to test out the process, it ended up taking about 30 minutes.


Archetype: Normal Human
Career: Scoundrel

Brawn 2
Agility 3
Intellect 3
Cunning 2
Willpower 2
Presence 2

Wound Threshold 14
Strain Threshold 12
Ranged Defense 0
Melee Defense 0
Soak Value 2

Ready for Anything

Desire Vengeance against Boss Nash
Fear Commitment
Strength Witty
Flaw Recklessness

SKILLS (Those in italics are Career Skills)
Computers 1
Cool 1
Driving 1
Melee 1
Perception 1
Ranged 2
Stealth 1
Streetwise 2

Clever Retort

Heavy Pistol
Damage 6; Crit 3; Range Medium

Natalie is a PI who has recently gotten out of prison for breaking and entering. While she is no angel, she was set up by Boss Nash, her uncle and the man responsible for her father's murder.

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