Friday, September 15, 2017

1,000 Faces: Sabrina and Serena Wollstonecraft

The Wollstonecraft twins are ambitious up and comers within the Contractor's Guild of Zobek. Their mother is Enchidna Wollstonecraft of Lem, Qent's most successful caravan magnate who has opened trade routes throughtout most of Tarth. Their oldest sister, Amarilla, went off to study wizardry at the Tower of Omens and Enchidna assumed her twins would want nothing more than to assume her place in the family business when she retired.

However, Sabrina and Serena despised their step-father, Piers Arliss-Wollstonecraft and their younger half-sister, Vyvian. Both women were always far more interested in stories of lost treasures and piracy, eventually found their way to Zobek and in the business of their uncle, Taurus Wollstonecraft, a moneylender who had ties to the Minerva crime family.

The twins were drawn to their Uncle's darker life, filled with violence, intimidation, and murder.  Eventually, a lover they shared named Norrin Dard, introduced them to the worship of Zehir and from there they used that thread to gain the access to the Contractor's Guild for the training they desired.

Rumor has it that the twins have deeply impressed Guild Master Yuanna Shadowspear and have continued to perform above expectaions for assassins of so little experience.

Sabrina (7th Level Human Assassin Rogue and 1st Level Sorcerer) is the quieter of the two, she notices everything and truly enjoys the kill. She believes that some strange heritage flows through the blood of her family and spends her downtime perfecting it. She is very close to their oldest sister and exchanges letters with her often.

Serena (8th Level Human Mastermind Rogue) is talkative and vivacious. She likes to be the center of attention and is always aware of the most recent gossip, a literal encyclopedia of who's who in both the underworld and high society. She is plagued by recurring nightmares of murdering her mother, which she has hidden even from Sabrina.

Both women are very loyal to the Guild Master and to their mentor Trok of Brimmen. While they learned the tenets of Zehir, they have no interest in the religious aspects of the Guild and therefore despise Highs Shroud Cedric, an old friend of their father who seems to always be keeping his eye upon the two women.

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