Friday, April 15, 2016

A to Z of Grave New World 2016: M is for Monster

Welcome to a Grave New World, where humans rub shoulder to shoulder with the monsters from folklore.

Monster is a slur that Inhuman rights activists have been trying to purge from the language of Americans for over 40 years. In the last 5 years, they have received a groundswell of support as Inhuman Chic and the current generation's acceptance of Inhumans has dramatically risen.

Many activists have been disappointed that Congressman Lerner (WA) has not taken a harder line on the issue. Critics point to several large donations to his campaign from companies notorious for their presence in countries with poor Inhuman rights records.

While many push for better treatment for Inhumans, others seem to embrace older, darker traditions. The American Monster Lodge was founded in 1969 and it's members gather to "Remember and celebrate their forebears who did not fall prey to their supernatural predators."  While three lodges in the 80's and 90's were investigated and found guilty in the deaths of several Inhumans, the Board of Investigators maintains that they don't advocate violence against Inhumans, and that their members merely find their ancestor's past actions "sacred" and want to pass along their heritage. The AML also points out that crime rates by Inhumans are much different in other countries and various cultures have far different views upon them. They are always very quick to advertise any attack by an Inhuman, wherever it occurs.

The next decade holds great promise and even greater uncertainty as the Inhuman issue continues to dominate the American Way.

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