Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A to Z of Grave New World 2016: D is for Diablo Night

Welcome to a Grave New World, where humans rub shoulder to shoulder with the monsters from folklore.

Diablo Night is celebrated on June 23rd each year. It became a national holiday in 2000 and also celebrates the summer solstice.

Originally known as Midsummer, Diablo Night became a popular slang term for it in the late 1990's.

It is an important celebration for many psychics, witches, occultists and therianthropes. AND has become the central holiday in the inhuman community, with some treating it as a chance to share their heritage and come together out of solidarity.

However, in the last ten years, it has become the most violent day in the entire nation. The increasing violence sadly, focuses upon inhuman on inhuman crime. Some of the older entities simply shrug and note that it has been this way for centuries, but a vocal minority points to manipulation by our government though social media and planted personnel to divide their community and reduce their population.

Last year, five prominent inhuman activists were abducted from their homes in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia and then taken to a barn in Portsmith, Ohio where they were decapitated by Silas Ludlum Courtney, a ghoul from Indiana; Tresto Ky'Em, a troll from Kentucky; and Restex Wv'Kay, a troll from West Virginia. 

This crime led to allegations from Everett McCoy, the nation's leading inhuman rights leader and founder of the American Association of Immortals, to openly claim that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had manipulated Courtney, Tresto, and Restex into the murders as part of Project: Harbinger, an operation designed to turn the human populace against inhumans and eventually repeal the Alderman-Goldberg Act.

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