Tuesday, March 1, 2016

No Thank You, Evil!: VolcanBro

I've been devouring No Thank You, Evil! since I received my Kickstarter copy.  By the way let me reiterate how awesome the people at Monte Cook Games are, they are fantastic at customer service (thanks Tammie, again). 

This wonderful game, if you didn't know, is designed by Shanna Germain and Monte Cook for all ages, and will be published by Monte Cook Games. The rules are a streamlined version of their Cypher System so that you and your youngsters can start playing their first RPG in a few minutes time.

No Thank You, Evil! is currently up for Preorder from Monte Cook Games.

I need to share that I'm thoroughly enjoying this game, I'm not sure I've ever smiled while reading through an entire RPG.  Its colorful, engaging, filled with puns (my 11 year old is a paragon of puns) and the artwork is fantastic.  What I love is that is finds the essence of the Cypher System and abstracts it to its must fundamental parts.

While my 11 year old and 14 year old are old pros at RPGs these days, we will be giving this game a test run this weekend, but last night my son (the 14 year old) "statted" up VolcanBro (he likes to make his own Bionicle characters).

We made VolcanBro in less than 10 ten minutes.  While entertaining my 2 year old.  And playing with our cat.  I really wanted to start playing, but the 2 year old was ready chill out.

This an amazing and exciting game and something that I think could easily be used to introduce gamers of any age to our hobby.

I can't recommend it enough.

Fast Robot who Flies Through the Sky on His Pyroboard

     Tough                       3      
     Fast                           3      
     Smart                        3  
     Awesome                  2

Fun 3                      

Armor 1

Solve (1 Smart)

Stuff A robot body, a ranged weapon, an I Gotchyer Back pack, Hero Stuff, and 1 coin. 

Char the Fire Imp
Treat Charcoal Chip Cookies
Starting Cypher Embiggen    

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